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A Labor of Love

How Can We Help Out?

It all started with a simple question of "How can we help out?"

Yumi & I started this endeavor at the beginning of April with a simple wish of providing a few Astros face masks to some health care heroes. We started by giving them away at no charge to nurses. This list quickly expanded to ER doctors, respiratory therapists, police officers, firefighters, grocery store workers, & teachers.

Face Mask Order Request

If you want an Astros face masks, we're respectfully asking for a $10 donation to Sunflower Mission.

Please complete this order form and we'll add you to our waiting list.

An Army of Volunteers

As the requests poured in, we had to ramp up our production by recruiting volunteers to help with the sewing. Thank you: Mimi Henda, chi Vu Hoa, co Pham & co Huong, chi Tram Truong with TT Tailor & Alterations, chi Tuyet-Anh Nguyen, Mani Tran, & Nhu Y Nguyen.

Thank you, Barbara Moon & Thanh-Van Tran, for donating your Astros Fabric.

Thank you, Ronald Branch, Stephen Hanser, Candance Hanser, Kylee Hanser, Chris Severy, for your generous monetary donation to help with the cost of postage.

With everyone's generosity, we've been able to give away over 600 masks.

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